Laconner Town
Laconner Washington

Permit Applications

Accessory Use/Industrial Zone Application

Building Permit Application

Building Permit Process

Certificate of Water Availability

Change of Use Permit

Code Amendment Application

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application

Conditional Use - Administrative, Class II

Conditional Use Application - Temporary Structures

Conditional Use Application-Class IV

Demolition Permit

Drainage Plan Checklist

Fill, Grade and/or Clearing Permit Application

Floodplain Development Permit

Floodplain FEMA ESA Checklist

Hold Harmless - Signs

Hold Harmless Agreement - Contractor Use

Home Occupation Application

Lot Line Adjustment Application

Project Plan Requirements

Repair & Maintenance and Minor New Construction Application

Rezone Application

Right-of-Way Permit

SEPA Checklist

Shoreline Exemption

Shoreline Master Program Code Amendment Application

Shoreline Substantial Development Permit

Short Plat Subdivision Application

Side Sewer Permit

Sign Permit Application

Special Events Application

Special Use, Critical Areas, Natural Resource Lands Permit

Street Excavation Permit - paved

Street Excavation Permit - unpaved

Street Vacation Petition

Temporary Structures

Temporary Use

Tree Removal Permit Application

Variance Application-Type II

Variance Application-Type IV

Water Hydrant Permit Application

Water Meter Service Installation Application

Wireless Facility Permit

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