Who maintains the streets around La Conner?

Most streets are maintained by the jurisdiction where they are located. Therefore, the Public Works Department maintains most of the streets. The Port of Skagit County maintains the streets in the North Basin area, and Skagit County maintains the roads leading into the Town, including the roundabout and the Rainbow Bridge approaches.

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1. Who maintains the streets around La Conner?
2. There is debris, glass, and hazardous waste in the road, should I contact a tow truck company for clean up?
3. How often does the street sweeper run through the Town?
4. Does the street sweeper just sweep or does it vacuum?
5. I have noticed a pothole and asphalt failure on my street. Who can I contact to have it repaired?
6. Can I have the curb near my house painted as a no parking area? If so, who can I contact?