I need to hook up to the Sewer, Water or Storm Drainage System. Do I need a permit?

Yes. Please contact Town Hall at 360-466-3125 for specific requirements for each of these processes.

Do I need a permit or reservation to have a party in a Town park?

The Town has a reservation system and fees for large groups wishing to use the facilities at Pioneer Park. Contact Town Hall for reservations at 360-466-3125.

What do I need to work near or in the street?

A Right-of-Way Excavation Permit is required for any work within Town-owned rights-of-way. Please apply for this permit at least 24 hours in advance so that emergency response staff and drivers can be notified. Please contact Town Hall at 360-466-3125. Call 1-800-424-5555 48 hours before you dig. The Utility Coordinating Council will contact all affected agencies,  who will then mark any affected utility and/or service lines in order to prevent damage from occurring.