Sewer Services & Rates

General Facilities Charge

A general facilities charge is applied when any existing customer expands, reconstructs or changes their service and increases the volumes generated. The general facilities charge is based on the difference between the current number of Residential Customer Equivalents (R.C.E.’s) which is the flow equivalent to that of either:

  • An average single-family residence
  • 50 gallons of water used per day plus the new estimated number of R.C.E.’s

Contact Us

Please call Town Hall at 360-466-3125 for additional rate information.

Sewer System Rates

Sewer usage rates include a base rate of $31.09 per month for all customers.  Rates also include the following volume charges based on the amount of water used:

Type of Sewer System
Volume Charge per Cubic Foot (cf)
Residential/Average Strength Commercial      $0.085
Above Average Strength Commercial      $0.1137
Septic and Septage Haulers
 Beginning January 1, 2024:  $0.12 per gallon of septage + $9.00 base fee

Senior Citizen Utility Rate Discount for Sewer Services

La  Conner senior citizens 61 years of age or older may be eligible to receive the Senior Utility Rate Discount. If you currently have a senior citizen property tax exemption, you may apply for a utility discount by providing Town Hall with the Skagit County assessor's form showing the property tax exemption status. The completed form must be provided on or before April 1st. Senior citizens who participate in the property tax exemption program will not be charged the base charges for water and sewer if they apply to the Town.

To apply for the tax exemption status, you need to contact the Skagit County Assessor's office, to complete the "Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Exemption from Real Property Tax" form by December 31st. There are maximum income restrictions. If you qualify, they will provide the form for you to present to our office.

Sewer Service Reconnection

Reconnection of service is $75.00 for all sewer utility services.

Utility meters are read the last working day of the month. Bills are issued the first week of the month and payments are due by the 15th of the month.

Sewer Utility Payment Options

Mail your utility payment to: 

La Conner Town Hall
P.O. Box 400
La Conner, WA 98257

Pay your bill in person:

La Conner Town Hall
204 Douglas Street
La Conner, WA 98257

Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
(Excluding holidays)

Pay by credit card.

An account is considered delinquent after 60 days. If payment is not made, the property is posted with a 24-hour service termination notice. If payment is still not paid, service may be terminated until the account is paid in full. A penalty will be assessed on accounts 45 days delinquent.

Storm & Surface Water Management Rates

A system of charges is imposed on each water meter within the Town to operate the Town’s storm and surface water drainage program. Drainage fees are calculated on an impervious surface area formula. The rate is based on an "equivalent residential unit" (E.R.U.) which equals 2100 square feet of impervious surface area. The present rate is $27.05 per E.R.U. For larger commercial properties, credits may be obtained and fees may be reduced by utilizing approved on-site detention or retention methods.


The rates shown above are for general information purposes only and are subject to change. Please contact La Conner Town Hall for the most current utility rates.