Letters to Town Council

This page is dedicated to letters or emails written to any member of the La Conner Town Council.  Please be aware, that letters sent to the Mayor or to Town staff will NOT be posted on this page.  Only letters to the Town Council will be posted here.

  1. 2022 Letters
  2. 2021 Letters

Talman Email 11.22.22

J. Booth Email Dated 11/21/2022

M. Rights Letter Received 11/21/2022

Raymond Letter Future Council Presentations

B. Malcolm Email Dated 11/8/2022

Chapin & Knudson Letter Received 11/8/2022

N. Crowell Email Dated 11/7/2022

L. Clark Email Dated 11/3/2022

L. Clark Letter Dated 11/2/2022

L. Talman Email Dated 10/31/2022

L. Talman Email Dated 10/29/2022

L. Talman Email Dated 10/28/2022

G. Ellis Letter Received 10/24/2022

L. Jaye & B. Robinson Email Dated 10/24/2022

M. Wilder Letter Dated 10/20/2022

L. Clark Email Dated 10/13/2022

L. Talman Email Dated 10/4/2022

C. Hart Email Dated 10/3/2022

L. Clark Correspondence Dated 10/3/2022

G. Ellis Letter Received 9/29/2022

L. Clark Email Dated 9/28/2022

W. Smith Letter to A. Taylor 9/16/2022

W. Smith Letter to I. Carlson 9/16/2022

W. Smith Letter to R. Dole 9/16/2022

W. Smith Letter to M. Chamberlain 9/16/2022

W. Smith Letter to M. Wohleb 9/16/2022

L. Talman Email Dated 9/16/2022 with S. Thomas Response

L. Talman Email Dated 9/7/2022

L. Talman Letter Undated 2022

F. Curiel Email Dated 8/8/2022

L. Bushey Email Dated 8/4/2022

L. Bushey Email Dated 8/2/2022

L. Talman Email Dated 7/26/2022

L. Talman Email Dated 7/11/2022

Pendleton/Shiner Email Dated 6/6/2022

Crowell Email w/ Attached Document Dated 5/18/2022

L. Clark Email Dated 5/13/2022 with S. Thomas Letter

Talman Email Dated 5/13/2022

R. Anderson Email Dated 5/2/2022

L. Clark Letter Dated 5/3/2022

Talman Email Dated 4/19/2022

L. Clark Letter Dated 4/7/2022

M. Clark Email Dated 4/3/2022

Haywood Letter Dated 3/30/2022

L. Clark Letter Dated 3/7/2022

Shellenberger Email Dated 3/3/2022

L. Clark Letter Dated 2/28/2022

Leaver Letter Dated 2/22/2022

B. Malcolm Postcard to Councilmember Taylor 2/22/2022

B. Malcolm Postcard to Councilmember Dole 2/22/2022

B. Malcolm Postcard to Councilmember Carlson 2/22/2022

B. Malcolm Postcards to Councilmember Chamberlain 2/22/2022

B. Malcolm Postcard to Councilmember Wohleb 2/22/2022

Talman Email Dated 2/20/2022

Davolio Email Response to Talman Email 2/4/2022

Talman Email Dated 2/4/2022

Griffin Email Dated 1/25/2022